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The Method Mind Shift

What is the Method Mind Shift? We know you are all dying to know what the Method Mind Shift is. You’re wondering if we really do have magic; well I’m here to tell you, we absolutely do! The truth about the Method Dance Program is that it’s simple. The exercises are so simple they don’t require any demonstration. They are […]

The Podcast from Method Dance Program

That’s right, we’re in the process of creating a podcast from the Method Dance Program. In our journey to bring the Method Dance Program to a wider audience, we realized we LOVE helping people! Creating a community around that is something that both Jenna and myself feel extremely passionate about. It is no wonder that we decided to go ahead […]

Halloween at the Studio!

Hi everyone! It’s that time of year again, Halloween is fast approaching and you know your students are planning out their costumes and trick or treating routes already. The question is, what are you doing to make Halloween at the studio special this year? I know you’ve already got a lot on your plate, BUT holidays are the most important […]

Exciting things are coming!

Yes, that’s right, exciting things are coming to Method Dance Program! Exciting things are coming and we are going to give you a sneak peak into what we’ve been working on. Our goal at Method is to provide dance teachers and studio owners with tools to fill their tool box and make their day to day easier. Our latest projects […]

Method Dance Program is on YouTube!

Yes, the Method Dance Program is on YouTube! The Method Dance Program is officially on YouTube and we couldn’t be more excited! It has been a big debate over here; should we post our exercises on YouTube or make a private site for members only? In the end, we decided to put the exercises out there, so the Method Dance […]

Take your Studio to the Next Level

Do these 3 things and it will take your studio to the next level Are you ready to take your studio to the next level? As a previous studio owner, I know that this is constantly on your mind. Everyone I ever knew was always trying to improve, and take things to the next level. Let’s face it, if you […]

Are You Suffering from Teacher Burn Out?

Are you suffering from teacher burn out? This past year has been a difficult one. We know teachers in every field have suffered, and dance teachers are no exception. From the transition to online learning, then back again, to trying to keep students engaged, and everything in between. We know a lot of you are suffering from teacher burn out. […]

Why Method works well with other Syllabus

Why Does the Method Dance Program work well with other Syllabus? The Method Dance Program works well with other dance syllabus because it is focused on technical advancement whereas other dance syllabus cast a wide conceptual net. They cover technical elements as well as: dance quality, musicality, and choreography retention. Their approach is more wholistic, but not as detailed. In […]

4 Pillars of Focus

What are our 4 Pillars of Focus? The 4 pillars of focus are the foundation of every lesson plan in the Method Dance Program. We use each of these 4 areas to ensure new techniques are introduced gradually and in a way that builds strength and understanding, before increasing difficulty. Without further ado, the 4 pillars of focus are: Warm […]

What’s the scoop on uniforms?

What’s the scoop on uniforms? We know you are busy planning for next year. You have classes to plan. You could use our program and then you could check that off the list, but I digress (more info here). The real question that you have been contemplating is do you require uniforms or not? What’s the scoop on uniforms? Honestly […]