What is a dance syllabus?

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What is a dance syllabus?

Great question! A dance syllabus is the foundation for a student’s dance education. It is specific and measurable. Most dance syllabi will cover various levels. Each level builds on the previous level and skills are developed gradually by increasing technique year over year. Following a syllabus is a great way to create consistency in training and accountability for teachers.

Syllabus Examinations

A syllabus may also offer examinations. When a student completes a level they may take an exam to test their skill level. Examinations are a great opportunity to not only allow dancers to receive feedback, but for teachers and studio owners to receive feedback as well. Examinations are a great way to cement learning, set goals and instill a sense of achievement.

What makes the Method Dance program Syllabus different?

When we created the syllabus for the Method Dance Program, we shifted our focus from exercises to technique. This change of focus resulted in a simple syllabus that is easy to follow. By changing the focus of the syllabus, we have shifted the student’s focus onto the technique they are learning. We don’t have complicated counts or elaborate arms, so our exercises do not require hours of practice to memorize. Not having to memorize complicated exercises means students focus on their technique and see results faster.

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Why do teachers love it?

Teachers love this program because they have a clear outline of the expectations placed on them and they have the tools to meet those expectations. Teachers also like to see that they have made a difference. With a simple shift from exercises to technique, you will be amazed by how quickly your dancers will improve. In addition, we’ve left style up to the teachers. We aren’t trying to help you stylize your dancers, that’s your job, and it’s what most teachers like best. Trust us, we get it!

We have loved building this program over the years and we have experienced the magic that can happen in the classroom when it is used consistently. Give it a try and see the magic for yourself!

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