The Podcast from Method Dance Program

That’s right, we’re in the process of creating a podcast from the Method Dance Program. In our journey to bring the Method Dance Program to a wider audience, we realized we LOVE helping people! Creating a community around that is something that both Jenna and myself feel extremely passionate about. It is no wonder that we decided to go ahead […]

Why Method works well with other Syllabus

Why Does the Method Dance Program work well with other Syllabus? The Method Dance Program works well with other dance syllabus because it is focused on technical advancement whereas other dance syllabus cast a wide conceptual net. They cover technical elements as well as: dance quality, musicality, and choreography retention. Their approach is more wholistic, but not as detailed. In […]

Dance Program vs. The Method Dance Program

What’s the difference? Dance programs are generally called syllabus and they consist of several levels with exercises in each level. The Method Dance Program, however, is slightly different. It is a combination of dance lesson plans, exercises and progress tracking tables. We use these tools as a way of focussing teachers and studio owners on what to teach and when. […]

What is a dance syllabus?

What is a dance syllabus? Great question! A dance syllabus is the foundation for a student’s dance education. It is specific and measurable. Most dance syllabi will cover various levels. Each level builds on the previous level and skills are developed gradually by increasing technique year over year. Following a syllabus is a great way to create consistency in training […]