Exciting things are coming!

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Yes, that’s right, exciting things are coming to Method Dance Program!

Exciting things are coming and we are going to give you a sneak peak into what we’ve been working on. Our goal at Method is to provide dance teachers and studio owners with tools to fill their tool box and make their day to day easier. Our latest projects are no exception. We’ve got loads of information and tools coming your way.

Project Podcast

Yup, that’s right, a podcast is on the way. We are currently recording our lineup of episodes to bring you ideas and information that will hopefully give you inspiration for things you can do in your classroom, or just remind you that you are not alone in this daily grind!

We know that you love teaching, and we get it, but we also know that sometimes it’s not easy, and it can feel like a grind. In this podcast we will cover all topics, from day to day classes, to special guests who help us dig into the more difficult things like physio and injury prevention from an expert in the field, to programs like YPAD which can improve your community and teaching environment substantially. Keep an eye out for the first episode coming soon!

The Method Dance Program Workshop

We know, we can’t believe it either. Like I said before, exciting things are coming! We are in the works to host a workshop over winter break. Dates are still being confirmed, so if you have a preference give us a shout. We would love to accommodate as many people as possible.

In the workshop we won’t just be covering the Method Dance Program, but are planning to include some special guests that will bring their own tools to add to your toolbox. It’s looking like a pretty sweet lineup. More information coming soon!!!

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