Why Method works well with other Syllabus

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Why Does the Method Dance Program work well with other Syllabus?

The Method Dance Program works well with other dance syllabus because it is focused on technical advancement whereas other dance syllabus cast a wide conceptual net. They cover technical elements as well as: dance quality, musicality, and choreography retention. Their approach is more wholistic, but not as detailed. In contrast, the Method Dance Program is focused on mastering a specific set of skills. For this reason, using another syllabus with the Method Dance Program can have its merits.

Why would you use multiple syllabus to teach dance?

Variety is the spice of life! In other words, dancers can become one dimensional when focused on a single syllabus and for an audience that can be boring. When we ran our studio we often talked about the importance of exposing students to multiple teachers. Each teacher had something unique to offer and their approaches to teaching varied. Through this experience we learned that there is power in diversity. The same theory holds true when using more than one syllabus.

How do you manage multiple syllabus?

The Method Dance Program is designed to be taught throughout the year. That being said, you will find that there is plenty of time in the year to work on another syllabus as well. In addition, when you compliment your training with the Method Dance Program, you can shorten the time it takes to prepare for exams in other syllabus. Students are stronger and can learn the exercises faster. The added variety can create some pretty amazing dancers too! Trust us, we’ve seen it!

How do exams work, and how does the Method fit in with other syllabus?

In traditional exams students present a series of exercises to an examiner. Exams are then graded on a scale, which is great. On top of that, students gain a unique experience from the process.

However, there is a risk that students’ style and quality of movement may become limited. When you use the Method Dance Program, there is an opportunity to inject your own style and movement into your classes. Teachers find the Method Dance Program easier to teach regularly because of this creative freedom.

Why does Method work well with other syllabus?

The Method Dance Program works well with other syllabus because it can help prepare students for exams in other syllabus. The reason is because there is an overlap in technique between the syllabus. Once you are ready to begin getting students ready for exams you can focus on exercises, and dance quality. Their technique is already accessible from their Method Dance program training. That’s a win in our books!

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