Method Dance Program is on YouTube!

Yes, the Method Dance Program is on YouTube!

The Method Dance Program is officially on YouTube and we couldn’t be more excited! It has been a big debate over here; should we post our exercises on YouTube or make a private site for members only? In the end, we decided to put the exercises out there, so the Method Dance Program is on YouTube! Watch us here!

Why did we decide to share the Method Dance Program on YouTube?

We set out with the intention to share our method with everyone who was willing to listen. We know it is an awesome program, students love it, teachers love, and we love it. If you want to check out what it’s all about click here.

When we sat down and thought about our mission the answer was simple. It only made sense that we would want to share the exercises in their video form. There was a bigger question though, who would we share it with? Being that we want to share our program we couldn’t see ourselves locking it down, our voice is bigger than that. The reason we put it out there for everyone to see? Simple: we want to share it with as many people as we can.

The complete program is amazing and we know the value it will bring to any program, and the exercises are only a small fraction of it. Watch our channel and use our exercises here and there, seeing an improvement in your teachers and students, then imagine how impactful the entire program is. In the end, these books have magic in them and they are the real power behind the program!

Method Dance Program is on YouTube. These books have magic in them

Give it a try!

Give our exercises a try! We know it’s a difficult decision to make to purchase a new program. Chances are there are some barriers stopping you for example, you think that it will be a lot of work to learn, but this one is different. Give some of our exercises a try, and see for yourself. More than anything, this program is built for training specific skill sets. Subsequently, the exercises are short and concise, with very little complexity, that’s exactly why they work so well at improving technique.

Want to purchase the program?

When you have tested out some of our exercises in the classroom and you see the difference they are making, consider taking the plunge and purchasing the complete program.

We have filmed and posted many exercises, but certainly not all. We’ve got more to give!

If you have given it a try and you love it, you can purchase the complete program here: Method Dance Program

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